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What We Offer

Facial Treatment
Face Sheet Mask

Taking care of your skin is just as important as eating a well-balanced diet and getting enough sleep. Treating yourself to a facial treatment every 4 weeks can benefit your skin in so many different ways. Besides promoting relaxation, a regular facial provides many benefits including noticeable improvements to your skin tone, texture and appearance. Facials also help to improve circulation to optimise cellular health and promote collagen production.

Our Services

The Royal (The Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial) - Rs.3000 per service

The Royal is our most luxurious and rejuvenating facial. We exclusively use the clinically tested anti-aging skin care formula, which provides vital components necessary to the skin. This facial fights free radicals, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and evens the overall tone and texture of the skin, with its specialized ingredients providing immediate visual smoothing and brightening.

During this facial, your skin is cleansed, exfoliated, and then infused with smoothing and brightening serums. Your face will be embraced with the specialized masque, which works synergistically with peptides and 7 antioxidants. Throughout the facial, your neck will be stimulated and soothed, leaving your décolletage glowing. Choose the Royal for a decadent experience and gorgeous results.

The Standard (Skin Rejuvenating Facial) - Rs.2500 per service

This facial favors pampering to rejuvenate both skin and body. A deep cleansing of the face, neck, and décolletage is followed by AHA exfoliation and skin polishing treatment. We’ll then infuse chosen products with a specialized treatment masque, followed by massage. Opal treatments brighten the skin for bag-free, puff-free eyes. You’ll leave our spa feeling relaxed and peaceful, with your glowing skin leading the way.

Squeaky Clean (Purifying Acne Facial) - Rs.2500 per service

The gentle yet effective facial incorporates deep cleaning with brushing unit to unclog pores and tame problematic, oily skin. Whiteheads and blackheads are extracted, then followed by a purifying and soothing mask. Oil-controlling facials show the best results when performed at regular intervals; follow up to see controlled oil production and slick-free skin.

MASC-U-SKIN (Gentleman's Facial) - Rs.1500 per service

This relaxing, toning, and deep cleansing treatment is specifically designed for men’s skin care needs. Treatment includes a polish to scrub away dead skin, moisturizing mask to unify, toning to balance skin’s natural PH, and a soothing face and neck massage to help male skin look refreshed and relaxed. Facials don’t need to be a girl’s club; try one for yourself and you might get hooked!

Citrus Ooh Lala (Vitamin C Brightening Facial) - Rs.2500 per service

Frustrated with dull, crepey skin? Restore your natural glow with the antioxidant-rich power of vitamin C. Repair free radical damage to enhance collagen synthesis. Deep steam cleansing, a hydrating masque, and a massage leave your skin refreshed and renewed. Perfect for special events!

Vitalize Peel - Rs.1500 per service

Peel away tired skin and reveal a brighter, fresher layer. This procedure will remove dull surface skin, improving clogged pores and acne-prone skin. Appropriate for all skin types, most patients see new, revitalized skin 4-6 days after treatment (without significant downtime).

Hydrate-Me - Rs.2000 per service

Is your skin dry, dehydrated, and suffering?  This luxurious treatment is an infusion of pure moisture. Gentle cleansing and exfoliation with transforming products fight back against dryness. Visible signs of aging are reduced, leaving skin smoothed, softened, and firmed.  Skin is silky to the touch, comforted, and conditioned for a renewed radiance. Even the driest complexions are revitalized. Our hydrating facial is especially beneficial during the winter months.

Ultherapy - Rs.2500 per service

Ultherapy utilizes ultrasound technology to provide a gentle, comfortable, and non-surgical lift to the skin. Ultrasound energy bypasses external layers of the skin to access the interior, delivering the ideal temperature of sound energy to collagen structures. This kickstarts new collagen production. In the months after treatment, the body will leap into action, creating a fresh face that looks like your old self. The procedure is incredibly patient-friendly, with no downtime and minimal discomfort. If you’re ready to try Ultherapy for yourself, book your appointment today.

Lymphatic Drainage - Rs.1500 per service

Lymphatic drainage is an established treatment for certain medical conditions involving swelling or issues with the lymphatic system.


The lymphatic system is a crucial part of your immune system. Through a network of hundreds of lymph nodes. It drains fluid called lymph to be transported back into your bloodstream. It also removes bodily waste and carries white blood cells that help prevent infection. When there's any kind of obstruction in your lymphatic system, fluid can start to build up. That's where lymphatic drainage - a specialized type of therapy - comes in. It can be incorporated in any facial if desired.

Ultimate Eye Lifting Treatment - Rs.1000 per service

​Bring tired eyes to life with our ultimate eye treatment. Gentle cleansing soothes and nourishes delicate eye tissue, decongesting and toning while activating circulation. Our treatment infuses skin with products specifically formulated to brighten and tighten, reducing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. It can be incorporated into any facial if desired.

Back Facial - Rs.2000 per service

The back facial is formulated especially for the unique skin on the back. We utilize tweaked facial treatment to clarify and soften back skin, while providing a deep moisturizing treatment. Back facials are appropriate for both men and women looking for acne free bright back skin, and will be specially formulated to meet your needs.

Laser Hair Reduction

Problem hair shouldn’t impact your daily life. If you’ve grown exhausted by waxing, plucking, and shaving, then laser hair removal will result in a long-lasting change. Both women and men seeking the reduction of body hair have found success with laser treatment. Laser hair reduction is available for every area of the body. Single sessions are available, but you’ll see ideal results with a package of five treatments.

Rate Card:

Face + Neck

Package Rs.10000 (6 sessions + 2 follow-up)

Single session - Rs.1500

Under Arms

Package - Rs.6000 (6 sessions + 2 follow-up)

Single session - Rs.1000


Package - Rs.14000 (6 sessions + 2 follow-up)

Single session - Rs.2000


Full legs

Package - Rs.20000 (6 sessions + 2 follow-up)

Single session - Rs.3000


Half Legs

Package - Rs.14000 (6 sessions + 2 follow-up)

Single session - Rs.2000 

Contact us for full body laser hair reduction package at discounted price.

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